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What is the shelf life of the desserts in a jar?
The desserts last 3-7 days. Three days at room temperature while 7 when refrigerated.

Do you deliver?
No, we don't. You need to pick your orders up.

Do you do meetups?
Meetups are only done on weekends. Schedule shall be announced Fridays or you may send us an email at order@takenbyjars.com

Do you ship outside Cebu?
No, we dont ship outside Cebu as of the moment.

Do you have a minimum order?
Yes, for the desserts in a jar, you need to purchase at least 2 jars. Flavors and sizes may vary. For nutella shots, you need to purchase at least 10 shots. 

Do you offer discounts for multiple orders?
Shoot me an email and we'll discuss this further :)

Do you accept wholesalers/resellers?
As of the moment, we don't.



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